Just Booked Your First Marijuana Lodging Experience? Here’s What Comes Next

If you have just booked your first marijuana lodging in the form of a hotel or a bed and breakfast (also known as bud and breakfast), then you must be very excited.

Why won’t you be? A 420 lodging is not only going to give you a room where you may smoke cannabis to your heart’s desire (while being mindful of the suggested limits), but it also provides additional options to enjoy it to the fullest extent.marijuana lodging

But unlike cannabis dispensaries, not all marijuana hotels provide the same services. The offerings presented by each of them may vary from location to location. Keeping this in mind, you have to make sure that you are aware of what to expect after checking in to a marijuana friendly lodging.

Expect a Place to Smoke Marijuana, But Not Marijuana Itself

While the sole purpose of a marijuana friendly lodging is to provide you with the desired space to smoke marijuana, these establishments don’t always provide cannabis to customers.

This is because selling marijuana is an intricate process that doesn’t only require a place to comply with age restrictions for customers, but also to a few back-end processes such as the requirement to buy their products from a licensed grower. Any establishment that sells marijuana has to have such measures in place to meet these regulations, which is why operating a marijuana dispensary is no mean feat.

Keeping this in mind, while private properties such as hotels may retain the right to allow patrons to smoke marijuana or not, the ability to sell marijuana is not sported by them. That is why, while you can expect to smoke marijuana freely while visiting 420 friendly hotels, don’t expect these places to actually dispense the flower or related products to you.

Not All Marijuana Hotels Allow You to Smoke in Your Room

As mentioned above marijuana hotels would definitely allow you to smoke cannabis while at the property. But not all of them would permit you to do so while you are in your room.

It’s because 420 hotels, while being pretty open to the distinct scent of marijuana, have to be very particular about ventilation as well as smoking hazards within closed spaces. That is why, some establishments do not allow smoking within guest rooms at all.

In such cases, the alternative comes in the form of smoking public spaces. Much like cigar lounges, these marijuana friendly hotels allow you to be a part of a shared smoking lounge.

But the arrangement isn’t just limited to smoking lounges. You can also go into shared courtyards or balconies to smoke marijuana in the presence of other patrons.

This remains a great experience for those who don’t mind crowded spaces, smoking in front of others, or even socializing with fellow marijuana consumers. But those who like to keep their smoking affairs private may need to look into options that make private smoking to be possible.

By keeping these different main nuances in mind, you can ensure to navigate through your marijuana-centric trip easily.