How Marijuana Drink Products Are Changing Cannabis Consumption

As yet another offering from the impressively growing marijuana industry, marijuana drink products are establishing their name as the next big thing.

At the surface, it is just another drink with some marijuana mixed in it. But when you look its larger influence and the effects that it is already having, this seemingly unnoticeable invention suddenly holds a deeper meaning. Marijuana Drink

Now being sold even in areas where selling cannabis in flower form is not legal, you can find cannabis infused drink products among a plethora of locations.

From cafes to restaurants, and from t-shirt vendors to chocolatiers, cannabis drink products along with other marijuana items are now being offered in a variety of ways.

To give you an idea of exactly how these marijuana drink products are changing the landscape of the general market, here are a few ways businesses are offering them to their customers.


Being Sold in Cafes

A variety of drinking products such as cannabis coffee are already being prepared and sold by cafes. This is being done in a variety of territories for consumers over the age of 21. But for obvious reasons, this practice is most famous in territories where marijuana is legal.

The coffee is served in the same way as regular coffee, except for the stipulation of the age restriction mentioned above. Instead of using marijuana extracts with all of the plant’s properties, these cafes utilize CBD.

CBD is a compound that is associated with more relief-based effects of marijuana such as those that help with anxiety, pain, and loss of hunger. CBD doesn’t let you feel “high” with its consumption, but still provides you with the experience of consuming marijuana in your drinks.


Being Sold in Restaurants

You are not restricted to find marijuana infused drink products only in cafes. Apart from being mixed into your daily dose of java, marijuana can now also be found in various drinks that can be served with your meals.

Like the aforementioned practice with cafes, these drinks are largely found in territories where marijuana is legal. They also mostly use CBD in their products to give off the taste of marijuana without any intoxicating effects.


Being Served in Cannabis Boutiques

Offerings such as THC seltzer are popular in cannabis boutiques which specialize in selling authorized THC-based products. Since THC is a controlled substance and has the properties which make cannabis give its users the famous “high”, these products are famous among those who want to get more than just a tasting experience out of their drinks.


With that being said, other non-THC based cannabis drink products are also available at these specialty stores. As mentioned above, CBD products are becoming popular with people who want to benefit from the medicinal properties of the marijuana plant without feeling any of the intoxication effects.


Bring Home Your Own Marijuana Drink with Oh Hi Beverage

Based in Colorado, Oh Hi Seltzer specializes in providing THC seltzer products. The drink is available in various flavors such as grapefruit, lemon lime, ginger basil limeade, and pomegranate.


The company is all set to launch soon and would be available in a store near you soon. For further updates on the availability of Oh Hi Seltzer, make sure to check the THC drink company’s website and follow it on social media.