Cannabis Seltzer, Almond Cake Bites, and Chocolate Truffles – The Edibles to Have in 2019

With 2018 ending at a great note for the marijuana industry, the sector is entering the next year with a blast.

Colorado alone generated over a billion dollars in record time through medical and recreational marijuana sales, while other states also benefited greatly from the segment.

With all of these developments, 2019 is set to write a great 12 months ahead, with new developments, legislation and product offerings on the horizon.

Some of these product offerings are already making their mark, with cannabis seltzer, almond cake bites and chocolate truffles all debuting through the edibles segment.

With their distinct taste, effects and flavor profiles, these marijuana drink and snack items are the trends to watch out for in 2019.


Cannabis Seltzer

Seltzer is already a popular choice of drink among many segments. It can be had on its own as seltzer water with just the fizzy bubbles doing their magic, or with the addition of flavors that enhance the experience by twofold. To those who love the enhanced taste of water or additional flavors, carbonated water tastes great in any form.Cannabis Seltzer

That is why, it is no surprise to see that it is now being paired with marijuana in the form of a marijuana seltzer. Not only do the fresh bubbles taste great when paired with the flavor of cannabis, but with the addition of various other flavors that are available, they can now provide an experience like no other.

And with active THC content in some variations, marijuana aficionados can also enjoy the euphoria they seek with the consumption of cannabis.


Almond Cake Bites

Almond cake bites have been popular among those consumers for whom a plain brownie just doesn’t make the cut. These small cake bites taste great, are unique, and provide a distinct flavor profile than an ordinary brownie.

With the addition of cannabis, these cake bites are elevated to a whole new level. Not only does the taste get enhanced, but the effects that you can have with a THC activated concentrate mixed within the recipe remain unmatched.

Almond cake bites can also be made at home with marijuana and THC concentrates. This makes them all the more desirable to crave yet easier to consume. With simple ingredients but a delicious end result, almond cake bites are sure to be a winner.

Chocolate Truffles

Unless you have a really good reason not to like them, there’s no chance that you could turn away a serving of chocolate truffles.

With their smooth, silky texture and one of a kind, luscious mouthfeel, truffles can prove to be quite the wonderful treats for special occasions and casual treats alike. They are also very versatile with the way that they can be served in different external textures altogether, with nuts and cocoa powder being the topmost choices there.

And when you couple these choices with some high quality cannabis, then it just creates an experience that dances on your palette before letting you feel the desired effects of THC or other cannabinoids, depending on  your choice.

With the qualities that these treats bring to the table, it is evident why they are deemed to be some of the biggest trends in edibles in 2019.